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Welcome to CIRCULAR TIDES, the home of THE BIG TIDE CHRONICLES. This site currently features the writings of Jerry Buckley and the photographic work of Boatdock Bill Davis.

To me, reading is the single most important skill a person needs to navigate his or her way through these tumultuous times. Whether you are reading the instructions on how to assemble your latest toy or whether you are soaking up the thoughts of Plato, Shakespeare, or Vonnegut, the ability to read gives you a tool with which to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Nothing has inspired or moved me as much as reading a good book. Of course, one man’s “good book” is another man’s doorstop. The interesting places a book can transport you to, the creative ideas they can express to you, the unique characters that a book introduces you to, all these reasons form a formidable argument that reading is not only good for you, but also a source of lifelong entertainment and learning.

Jerry Buckley

Hopefully, CIRCULAR TIDES will be a source of new, creative writing, that will entertain and inform those who choose to browse through our pages.